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Giving Back

We are in the business of celebrating all types of love, but we fully believe that you have to give in order to receive.


It’s become customary as a wedding vendor to give a little gift to our clients as a thank you, and we personally think your friends and family will have that covered! That said, we don’t leave you empty handed (we love a classic, handwritten card and some goodies!), but we have chosen to utilize the majority of that gifting budget for good. As a thank you for letting us take part in the planning of your most special day, we will donate a percentage of your planning package amount to the charity of your choosing. Maybe your family has been affected by a disease you would love to help find a cure for. Perhaps you are passionate about protecting human rights, supporting our vets, or ending world hunger or climate change. 

KB0_1601 copy.jpeg

If you love all the causes and have no idea where you want your gift to end up, take some inspiration from the list below of organizations we personally love. Whatever direction your heart leads you to*, we are here to support you!

ACLU logo
Planned Parenthood logo
k9sforwarriors logo
one tree planted logo
the trevor project logo
sea shepherd logo
Action Against Hunger logo
1 percent for the planet logo
NAACP logo

*This shouldn’t need to be addressed in 2021, but we hope it is obvious that we will not donate to hate groups of any kind.

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