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The Ultimate Wedding Chair Roundup

backyard wedding ceremony with white resin chairs
Photography: Lauren Diekhaus Photography, Chairs: Capital Party Rentals, Planner: Fête du Jour Events

My favorite part of the wedding decor process? Picking out the chairs! Chair selection is often defaulted to what comes with the venue, and we get it, that’s budget friendly. But, this overlooked detail is actually so crucial to nailing your wedding aesthetic! Choosing the right chair to match your decor has the power to transform your event from a forgettable dinner to a full-on experience. You could have the most beautifully curated event, but the wrong chair can change the whole vibe, and usually not in a good way. We’ve made a list of the most popular chairs available to rent for your big day below!

Folding Chairs

Padded Resin:

wedding ceremony with white resin padded chairs
Photography: Alejandra Guzman, Chairs: One Call Event Rentals, Planning: Knots & Belles

If your venue offers only one chair, we’re willing to bet it’s this one! This simple, yet comfortable chair works great for ceremonies, but they might not be formal enough for most receptions. They’re mostly seen in white, but also come in black, natural wood, and a darker fruitwood.


wedding reception with french bistro folding chairs
Photography: Carrie King Photography, Chairs: White Glove Rentals, Planning: RSVP Events

If looking at this style makes you imagine sitting in a Parisian garden basking in the sun, you’re onto something because that’s exactly where they gained popularity. They date back to 1889 and are known for being durable, yet lightweight enough to move around easily. Just beware of metal versions of these getting too hot in the sun!


wedding reception with rattan folding chairs
Photography: Feather and Stone Photography, Chairs: Tai Flora Luxe Events, Planning: HauteFêtes Fine Weddings

These are enough to melt any boho bride’s heart! Part of the palm plant family, rattan feels tropical-vacation inspired, and gives off major 70s vibes. It would pair really well with pampas grass or macrame decor.

Classic Chairs


outdoor wedding reception with gold chiavari chairs
Photography: Taralynn Lawton, Chairs: The Chiavari Guys, Planner: Events by Satra

This is probably the most popular chair in the wedding biz! Named for the Italian town where they were created, the Chiavari chairs are the most affordable chair upgrade, and most venues have them in stock. Available in multiple different materials, you normally see them in silver, gold, or dark brown. These look best with a seat cushion!


tent wedding reception with black bentwood chairs
Photography: Bonnie Sen Photography, Chairs: White Glove Rentals, Planning: Vieira Events

You’ve probably seen these chic chairs in coffee shops and cafes. They hail from the 19th century after German/Austrian designer, Michael Thonet, perfected the art of bending the wood (aka bentwood). They work with or without seat cushions, so can save a few pennies there!


Outdoor wedding ceremony with crossback chairs
Photography: Amanda Crean, Chairs: Theoni Collection, Planning: Natalie Choi Events

Also called vineyard chairs, this simple, yet elegant, design gained fame in 20th century French bistros. These can also be found with a rattan seat that give more of a rustic, farmhouse feel, and usually come in dark or natural wood, or painted white. Again, seat cushion not required!

Modern Chairs


hailey baldwin wedding reception with wishbone chairs
Photography: Jose Villa, Chairs: Revelry Event Designers, Planner: Mindy Weiss

Okay, you know these are cool if Hailey Baldwin had them at her reception (that's her reception in the picture above)! Danish designer Hans Wegners created this iconic chair in 1949, but Scandinavian design is definitely having a moment now. The clean design allows it to be used for multiple themes and locations, and is found in black and white.


warehouse wedding reception with copper marais chairs
Photography: Audra Wrisely, Chairs: Something Vintage Rentals, Planner: Ida Rose Events

This classic chair was created in 1934 by French furniture maker Xavier Pauchard, who was the first to utilize the galvanization technique, which protects pieces from rusting by coating the material in molten zinc. Made to survive in all weather conditions (the holes on the seat are to prevent rain from pooling), they became popular among, shock, French cafes! These chairs have a way of feeling industrial, yet retro at the same time, so can blend well with most themes. Found in the typical silver, but also in white, copper, and even some pastel shades.


Outdoor wedding ceremony with ghost chairs and pampas grass
Photography: Ashley Burns Photography , Chairs: Signature Party Rentals Planner: Fawn Events

The original design of this lucite chair had armrests, was directly inspired by the Louis XVI style chairs and is fairly young, having only been released in 2002 by Phillippe Starck. This armless version is the more popular option for events, as well as home decor. Given their clear material, they match any decor. Also great for small spaces as their see-through effect makes any room appear larger!


indoor wedding reception with white masters chairs
Photography: Lydia Harper Photography, Chairs: Wedhead, Planner: The Stars Inside

Another Phillippe Starck creation, this 2005 design combines three separate silhouettes by other design industry “masters”, hence the name. Sleek, modern, and durable, this chair will bring a geometric element to your decor. Seen in black, white, and primary colors.

Glam Chairs


tent wedding reception with louis chairs
Photography: Andrew Jade Photography, Chairs: Event Rents AZ, Planner: Imoni Events

Made popular during the reign of King Louis XVI (hence the name), these oval-back chairs are as fancy as they come. They also come in cane-back, perfect for beach-inspired events. If you don’t want to splurge on these for all your guests, add a hint of regal by using them only for your head table!


indoor wedding ceremony with infinity chairs
Photography: Corbin Gurkin, Chairs: Hensley Event Resources, Planner: Laurie Arons Special Events

Also referred to as the Phoenix chair, this simple design is basically a modern version of the Chiavari. This design can be found in painted wood and acrylic versions. You can add extra charm by draping tulle through the holes!

Chameleon Fanfare:

tent wedding reception with gold chameleon fanfare chairs
Photography: Rachel May Photography, Chairs: White Glove Rentals, Planning: Adriana Marie Events

Typically just referred to as the Chameleon chair, Chameleon is actually the brand and Fanfare is this specific style. They come in an array of colors, with almost every color cushion you could imagine, making them super versatile! If interested in these chairs, go to the Chameleon Chairs website to find a vendor near your event that carries them.

Any of these pretty babies catch your eye? Let me know in the comments!


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